Composition Competition with the Theme of “I Love Mt Yandang” Held by Mt. Yandangshan Geopark

This year is the tenth year for Mt. Yandangshan Geopark to join GGN. For the purpose of popularizing geoscience among students and inspiring them to know the earth, protect geo-heritages and love their hometown, the management committee of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark and education bureau of Yueqing City united to held a composition competition with the theme of “I Love Mt Yandangshan—Go into Mt. Yandangshan Geopark”.

The compositions are required to reflect the geology physiognomy, scenery and cultural landscape of Mt Yangdangshan in the main section of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark. The theme should be clear and the content should be fresh and healthy. This competition lays down prizes as Students’ Composition Prize, Tutor Prize and Outstanding Organization Prize. The Students’ Composition Prize contains senior middle school group, junior middle school group and primary middle school group. Within every group, there are one Special Prize and several first prize, second prize and third prize. All prize winners will be awarded certifications and prizes. In addition, there are several outstanding organization prizes to award those schools with the most and best in quality compositions. It will also invite some awarded students to attend the 46th anniversary of “Earth Day” and the award ceremony held in the Museum of Mt Yangdangshan.

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