Yandangshan Global Geopark Attends 2015 Annual Meeting of Global Geoparks of China

On April 27-28, 2015 annual meeting of global geoparks of China was held in Dali, Yunnan province. Representatives from 31 global geoparks, 4 global geopark candidates and related provincial (autonomous regional, municipal) land and resources departments and experts attended the meeting to make conclusion and communication about the protection, construction and management experience of geoparks. Deputy director Chen Xiaoning of Geological Environment Department of Ministry of Land and Resources, deputy director-general Li Lianju of Land and Resources department of Yunnan province, secretary Liang Zhimin of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, deputy governor Duan Jie of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and gave speeches. Long Changxing, a member of GGN Executive Board and deputy director of National Geoparks Network Center hosted the meeting. A representative from Yandangshan Global Geopark attended the meeting.

The theme of this meeting was 鈥淧rotection of geological heritage and the 10th Anniversary of GGN鈥. During the meeting, Zheng Yuan, the director of National Geoparks Network Center office, systematically concluded the main work and highlights of Chinese global geoparks in 2014, and made an arrangement for the key work of global geoparks in 2015. Representatives from Kunlunshan and Cangshan, new members of GGN, respectively introduced their main resources, development and management of geoparks, sharing experience of applying for global geoparks. Representatives from Ningde, Hong Kong and Fangshan gave reports about their characteristic work and successful examples, and Professor Tian Mingzhong of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) shared successful experience and measures in the geoparks construction.

Section chief Yuan Xiaohong of Geological Environment Department of Ministry of Land and Resources, former secretary Tian Zhong of China鈥檚 delegation in UNESCO and Jin Xiaochi, a member of GGN, were invited to attend the meeting. Tian Zhong and Jin Xiaochi respectively made speeches on 鈥淕lobal Geoparks—Viewpoint of UNESCO and Chinese Actions鈥 and 鈥淐oncept of Global Geoparks and Self Responsibilities in the Construction of Chinese Global Geoparks鈥.

After the meeting, Dali Cangshan Global Geopark held an inauguration ceremony for their global geopark and an exhibition for the 10th anniversary of Chinese Global Geoparks (Dali).

Reporter: Qinfei Lu

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