Opening of 2015 Practical Training Camp

Recently, 20 science popularization volunteers from 15 provinces (municipalities) all over the country officially held the opening ceremony of 2015 Training Camp for Mt. Yandangshan Science Popularization Volunteers at Mt. Yandangshan.

Professor Tao Kuiyuan, a senior consultant of Yandang Mountain World Geopark, presented a splendid and vivid science knowledge lecture for the volunteers which enabled the volunteers to learn related knowledge about geological physiognomy of Mt. Yandangshan. He introduced the schedule of the practical training for the volunteers so that the volunteers had a primarily understanding to Mt. Yandangshan.

The Practical Training lasted for five days. The volunteers not only completed station reception and airport picking up for 2015 China Volcanic Geopark Forum, they entirely participated the activities of the Forum, including going deep into scenic spots such as Lingfeng, Lingyan, Fangdong, Sanzhe Waterfall and forest park, performing onsite survey on geoheritage of Mt. Yandangshan, physiognomy of Liuwenyan and plant diversity of Mt. Yandangshan; they investigated Changyu Cave at the East park as well as quarrying and ore adit wonders 1500 years ago; more over, they investigated Nanxi River at the West part to experience the pretty water, wonderful rocks, splendid waterfall and human landscape of villages. At the last day of the schedule, the achievements of the practical training were preliminarily tested. All the volunteers selected one science popularization route for tourism tours explanation for tour guides and other volunteers reviewing and discussion; the Mt. Yandangshan Management Committee and foot climbers communicated and shared the experience training camp and follow-up plans together.

It is learned that there were 20 volunteers included into the camp respectively from 15 provinces (municipalities) all over the country, including 14 college students from over ten colleges such as Beijing Forestry University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, China University of Geosciences, Central South University, Jiangsu Normal University, Guangdong University of Finance, University of Science and Technology of Hunan and East China University Of Science and Technology, as well as volunteers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changjiang River Daily, Yunnan Geological Mining Institute of Surveying and Mapping etc.. The volunteers are composed of foot climbers, science popularization volunteers of Mt. Yandangshan, the home of geoparks etc.. Through practical training of science popularization volunteers, volunteers realized physiognomy of Mt. Yandangshan volcanic rocks in depth. The activity is intended to promote geology and physiognomy knowledge of Mt. Yandangshan as well as earth science value of Mt. Yandangshan to make more people to learn about Mt. Yandangshan and volcanic. In addition, it motivated extensive citizens to learn earth sciences and the enthusiasm on caring the earth which lays a solid foundation for further scientific propaganda around the country.

Mt. Yandangshan Geopark, Lu Qinfei

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