Mt. Yandangshan Becomes the Base of Classroom Research and Study

On August 15, the second class in scenic spot jointly organized by Mt. Yandangshan Administrative Committee and Wenzhou Daily entered Yandangshan Global Geopark. 25 students began one-day journey of exploring the earth and science in Mt. Yandangshan.

聽”Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books”. In order to guide the majority of children and teenagers to understand geologic origin of volcano in Mt. Yandangshan with a history of billion years, realize the beautiful scenery of Mt. Yandangshan and experience different natural and cultural environment of Mt. Yandangshan, the students visited many geoheritage聽spots and human landscape. Besides, the chief editor of Wenzhou Daily and poet Nan Hang explained the geological knowledge and poems of Mt. Yandangshan to the students in detail and made the students read the poems of Mt. Yandangshan in the scenic classroom, which allows the students to know the unique geological landscape of聽Yandangshan Global Geopark, enhances their knowledge of geology and broadens their horizon. It really makes the students learn and think during traveling and achieves the result of combining education with entertainment. Meanwhile, Mt. Yandangshan develops classroom research and study in聽the geopark, summer camp and other activities into one of the methods to promote Yandangshan聽Global Geopark study and science education.

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