Mt. Yandangshan Conducts Public Benefit Summer Camp

On August 6 and 7, “One Mountain and One Sea, One Happy Summer” public benefit summer camp was jointly organized by聽Mt. Yandangshan聽Global Geopark Administrative Committee and Yueqing Youth Center in聽Mt. Yandangshan. The public summer camp mainly involves the children of new residents in various enterprises in Yueqing city. A total of 30 children of new residents in Yueqing City participated in the summer camp for free.

聽聽聽聽聽 The summer camp aims to travel tour Lingfeng, Lingyan, Dalongqiu and other attractions and understand the scientific causes of聽Mt. Yandangshan. Besides, it allows the children to visit Ximen Island beach and understand the most characteristic mountain and sea landscape. At the same time, the team games and practical activities are added during the period to enhance mutual understanding between rural and urban children. This activity aims to enrich the summer holiday of teenagers in Yueqing, promote their active, good and healthy growth and development and help them better understand Yueqing and integrate into local life in Yueqing more quickly.

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