Mt. Yandangshan launched “Science Popularization in Colleges and Universities”

On November 18, Mt. Yandangshan Geopark Administration Committee chose Shanghai Normal University as the first stop for the lecture series themed on “Science Popularization in Colleges and Universities.” A large number of students and teachers in Shanghai Normal University attended the lecture. JIN Feng, Vice-Director of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark Administration Committee Resources and Environment Protection Bureau, delivered a speech in the lecture hall.

JIN introduced Mt. Yandangshan Geopark and its development history, and the local government’s protection and utilization of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark. He hoped that the lecture could draw the attention of teachers and students in Shanghai Normal University to Mt. Yandangshan Geopark, deepened the cooperation between Mt. Yandangshan Geopark and Shanghai Normal University and jointly promoted the geomorphic research, protection and utilization of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark. Besides, JIN gave a series of Mt. Yandangshan geological scientific popularization books as a gift to Shanghai Normal University, and graciously invited teachers and students to conduct scientific research and teaching practices in Mt. Yandangshan.

As the major lecturer, Professor HU Xiaomeng used vivid PPTs and cases to simplify the introduction of the rhyolite landform and the landscape aesthetic value, geoscience value and cultural value of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark, and pointed out the geomorphic research process and achievements of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark Admission Committee. Through the lecture, audiences not only learned more scientific knowledge, but were also fascinated by the unique charm of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark. In the lecture hall, Professor HU also answered some academic issues about the universal value and geomorphic research of Mt. Yandangshan Geopark raised by teachers and students in Shanghai Normal University. His explanations benefited all present in the lecture hall greatly.

The lucky draw of admission tickets during the lecture further stimulated the fascination of teachers and students to Mt. Yandangshan Geopark. In total, 100 students won the admission ticket offered by Mt. Yandangshan Geopark Administration Committee. The luckiest one won a prize of spending two nights in Jingfangju, a B&B, free of charge. Teachers and students winning the admission tickets will go to Mt. Yandangshan Geopark during the winter and summer vacations for scientific investigation to deepen their scientific research into Mt. Yandangshan Geopark.

By  Lu Qinfei

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