Talents Gathered at Yandangshan and Engaged in a “Battle of Wits” on the Earth Day

In order to further promote popularization of geological science and ecological environment governance at Yandangshan Global Geopark, improve the public awareness to protect the earth’s environment and economize resources and spread the knowledge of earth science, Management Committee of Yandangshan Global Geopark held the 47th Earth Day Knowledge Contest.

On April 19, 19 delegations from 9 villages and towns in Yandang, Qingjiang, Furong, Dajing, Xianxi and Huwu, etc. took a written examination at the Earth Day Knowledge Contest. According to the results of examination, 6 delegations were elected. They were Yandangshan Tourism School, Dajing Town Government, Xianxi Town Government, Mt. Yandangshan Museum, Lingyan Rock Scenic Spot and Yangjiaodong- Xianshengmen -Yan Lake Scenic Spot. These 6 delegations will go on to participate in a final quiz show on the Earth Day (April 22).

Secretary of Committee for Disciplinary Inspection and Deputy Director of Management Committee, Yandangshan Global Geopark, Chen Liyi addressed at the Earth Day Knowledge Contest. He pointed out that the purpose of protecting and publicizing geologic relics was to further establish a human theme of harmony between man and nature. Human beings only have one earth. The earth is a common homeland of human beings. We spread knowledge of earth science widely and arouse the notion that everyone must love our earth and protect our home. The construction and protection of Mt. Yandangshan Global Geopark requires the participation of everyone. Everybody needs to give full play to the role of master and be consciously involved in the construction and protection of  Yandangshan Global Geopark in life, construction and all kinds of activities.

After fierce competition in required questions, quick-response questions and risky questions, etc., 6 delegations stood the dual test of pressure and memory. The scores rose alternately. Finally, Yandangshan Museum got the highest score and won group championship in this contest. Lingyan Rock Scenic Spot and Dajing Town Government won the second and third place respectively.

“The earth is our home. Everyone loves her! Let’s celebrate her birthday and enjoy beauty and harmony!” This time, the Earth Day Knowledge Contest is the best birthday gift to our Mother Earth and allows us to be commonly concerned with ecological civilization construction, participate in five water treatments, green, beautify and clean our environment and advocate that green life should start from trifles in our life. When protecting ecological environment becomes a living habit and concept at everyone’s fingertips, five water treatments, comprehensive treatment of water environment and other ecological environmental governances will undoubtedly win overwhelming victory. A beautiful ecological home will be just around the corner.

By  Lu Qinfei

Reference Address:http://www.yds-en.com/?p=1624