Yandangshan Enters into Sisterhood with Spanish Jara Geopark

On April 20, a 4-person Spanish Jara Geopark investigation team arrived at Mt. Yandangshan to carry out a three-day visit. Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Yueqing City and Director of Management Committee, Yandangshan Global Geopark, Lin Wanle met with the team and had a friendly communication and talk with them.

The investigation team visited Yandangshan Geological Museum, Great Dragon Pond Waterfall, Lingfeng Peaks, Fang Cave, Lingyan Rock and other scenic spots. The Chairman of Cáceres Provincial Council, Spain, María del Rosario Cordero Martín, praised Yandangshan’s beautiful scenery greatly and showed admiration for the geological protection and construction work at Mt. Yandangshan.

After investigation, Deputy Director of Management Committee, Yandangshan Global Geopark and Secretary of Committee for Disciplinary Inspection, Chen Liyi and Director of Jara Geopark, José Mª Barrera Martín Merás introduced the development of respective parks in detail, communicated and exchanged deeply in terms of park construction and management, resource protection and science popularization education, etc. Meanwhile, representatives from both sides entered into a sister park cooperation agreement and officially set up sisterhood. It was agreed that both sides shall carry out extensive experience exchanges and cooperation in the development and management of geological parks, scientific research and popularization in geology, propaganda, popularization and competence building in the future.

This time the sisterhood between two geological parks was considered as an alliance between giants. It will inject new vitality to the sustainable development of both sides. Meanwhile, it will promote cooperation and exchange of both sides in scientific research, science popularization education, energy protection and park management, etc., build a geological protection platform together and drive the development of tourism industry.

Yandangshan combines scenic spots with culture, history and biology, etc. Chinese and English signposts along the road wind the concept of environmental protection through the trip and are worth learning. Mr. José Mª Barrera Martín Merás said after returning to Spain, he would also consider carrying out publicity and education in the form of environmental signposts.

By Lu Qinfei

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