CAS Experts Investigate Geoheritages in Yandangshan

In order to develop the geological investigations and geomorphic works in the western region of Yandangshan Geopark and to promote its scientific level, Prof. Wang Xinyuan, who is from Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), guides geological investigation group to investigate the western region from the day on 29th, May to 1st, June. The group does an intensive investigation respectively on the scenic spot ShiWeiYan, Cang Po Village, LiShuiStreet, FuRong Village, ZhaoTan drift spot, and the surroundings and river landforms. Through a series of investigating, sampling and analyzing, the geological and geomorphic vein of western region has been further cleared, and the distinguished geoheritages in western region has been sorted out and detailed. And investigation group investigates the main region of Yandangshan of LingFeng, FangDong, and the like, and understands the geological connections and differences between western region and main region.

By Lu Qinfei, Ma Haitao

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