Yandangshan held public benefit activities

Recently, the management committee of Yandangshan Global Geopark and Wenzhou Daily Press jointly organized little migratory bird reporters to attend public benefit activities of Yandangshan academic research and study, and held the opening ceremony of Yandangshan Museum. The secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Yandangshan and deputy director, Chen Liyi attended the opening ceremony. The minister of resources and environment protection of the management committee of Yandangshan Jin Lianghong represented the management committee of Yandangshan to make a speech to little migratory bird reporters. The editor of Wenzhou Daily Press Wu Dongliang awarded the plaque of 鈥淩esearch and Study Base for Wenzhou Daily Press鈥 Little Reports鈥 to Yandangshan Global Geopark.

24 little migratory bird reporters from parent-child family followed the senior teacher of Wenzhou No.2 Middle School, Jin Peipei to visit the geological museum, Dalongqiu scenic area and Lingyan scenic area, attending a vividly geological science class. 鈥淲hy does Jiandao Mountain look not the same? How is the rhyolite like multi-layer steamed bread?鈥 Along the way, Jin Peipei led the children to observe geological landform of the scenic area, to make them with more intuitive understanding of the volcanic geological formation reasons and research value of Yandangshan.

Then, little migratory bird reporters came to Chuangke College of Yandangshan to experience colored drawing activity of lava, and learn the lava of four different periods in Yandangshan.

By Lu Qinfei

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