Foreign Visa Officials Visit Yandangshan Global Geopark

Recently, more than 90 foreign visa officials visit Yandangshan. They are from 28 countries such as Spain, South Africa, Uzbekistan, German and Sweden, and now serve in their embassy in China. This visit is a part of the program “Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Eyes of Foreign Visa Officials–Embracing Wenzhou 2016.”

In Wenzhou, foreign visa officials visit Yandang, enjoy Nanxi and go rafting. Also they taste delicious wheat cake of Yandang and watch Crossing Lingyan show that is the highest air dancing in the world. What’s more, they are pretty impressed by fantastic volcanic landforms of Yandangshan.

On the way from Wenzhou to Yandangshan, green hills and clear waters set each other off, which makes a wonderful scenery. It reminds a middle-aged visa official who is from Ireland of the natural endowment of ecology that plentiful rainfalls nourish everything in his country.

Beautiful! Brilliant! A visa official from German thumbs up at the scenery during the visit. Obviously, he is extraordinarily satisfied with Yandangshan though this is his first time coming here.

A visa official stands in front of a stall that sells wheat cake. She can’t help smelling an oven-fresh wheat cake. Wow! What a wheat cake! Other officials and staff are also fond of this snack. With beautiful scenery around them, they just enjoy the delicious oven-fresh cake regardless of its heat.

Visa officials photograph simple villagers and natural scenery in Yandangshan both of which broadens their horizon. What impresses them most is that the culture of a nation also belongs to the world. In other words, there is no border in the world of culture.

By Lu Qinfei

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