Launching Ceremony of Earth Day held in Yandangshan

Launching Ceremony of the 48th Earth Day is held by Yandangshan Global Geopark Administrative Committee on April 22nd. Deputy director Chen Liyi from Mt. Yandangshan Scenery Tourism Administration Bureau, undersecretary Xu Zaimin from Yueqing bureau of land resources and over 300 experts, local students and their parents attend this ceremony.

Deputy director Chen Liyi, undersecretary Xu Zaimin, head teacher Zeng Ruyun and deputy director Zhang Maoxian press the ball together, which marks the launching activities of “48th Earth Day in Yandangshan Geopark”. During the whole promotional campaign, professional lectures, science popularization in campus and community and other thematic activities are held in Yandangshan.

Xu Yinuo who is from Dajingzhen First Primary School reads off the proposal of the Earth Day, which advocates that every one should endeavor to become the environmental protector and propagandist and have a favorable influence on others by our action.

There are special issues on the Earth Day, introduction of Yandangshan Geopark as well as emergency manuals of geological disaster, all of which are available for citizens. By providing those materials and solving questions on the scene, the staff aims to make every one more active, initiative and cooperative in protecting environment.

A group of elementary students in orange T-shirts are doing a word puzzle in front of Lingyan scenic region at 9. A grade three student Yang Tengyan from Yuecheng First Primary School tells the reporter that he has known answers of three riddles. According to Yang, all of riddles are related to environmental protection and there are even prizes for those who dope riddles out.

“Why? Why are stone balls in rocks?” Geological commentator who is followed by students from the Children’s Palace comes to Yandangshan and has a close-up view of its geological features in Lingfeng scenic region. The students get to know Yandangshan in a more direct way by observing and touching as well as explanation of the commentator. Not only do they have a deeper understanding of changes of earth and species changes of creatures, mineral resources and soil, but also they realize that earth is our home and we are protecting ourselves when protecting earth.

By Lu Qinfei

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