Mt. Lushan visits Mt. Yandangshan

On July 4-7, a delegation led by Ms. Zhu Donge, the director of Lushan Global Geopark Management Committee Office, visited Mt. Yandangshan Geopark. The delegation went to some geoheritage sites, the Science Popularization Corridor, Mt. Yandangshan Geological Museum, and investaged the public explanation system on geological landscape. Meanwhile, the delegation had an discussion with Mt. Yandangshan Geopark Management Committee and exchanged ideas about geoheritage protection, signboards in geopark, science popularization and related propaganda activities, geo-toursim and external exchange, shared successful experience in geopark construction and management each other.
鈥淭his visit will promote further communication and cooperation between the two geoparks, and their healthy and sustainable development in the future鈥, Ms. Zhu Donge said.

By Lu Qinfei, Mt. Yandangshan Global Geopark Management Committee

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