Taishan & Ningde Geopark visit Yandangshan

To strengthen communication and learning and seek for the sustainable development of Global Geopark, Mount Taishan Global Geopark delegation and Ningde Global Geopark delegation visited Yandangshan Global Geopark during the period from December 20 to December 22.
The two delegations visited the sites of geoheritage, park guide boards, geological landscape signboards and the Museum etc successively; Deputy Secretary of Mount Taishan Global Geopark Management Committee Wan Qinghai and Deputy Director of Ningde Global Geopark Management Committee Zhan Yingqi had extensive discussions about the revaluation, the effective protection of geoheritages, the construction of the sign system in the geopark, the in-depth development of the activities to popularize scientific knowledge and the training of the tour guides in the geopark, and they mainly shared their successful experience of revaluation. The exchange and learning activity will further promote the communication and cooperation between geoparks and jointly accelerate the healthy and sustainable development of geoparks.

Yandangshan Global Geopark Management Committee
Lu Qinfei

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