Geological investigation trails

1500 years old quarrying relics (Changyudongtian鈥擲huiyun Chamber and Guanxi (watch the dusk) Chamber)鈥擡xhibition of Yandangshan (Yandangshan Museum)鈥擬ultiphase Lava flow erupted 120 million years ago (Lingfeng S.A—Chaoyang screen like peak, Tianguan Peak)鈥擳hree times lava flow( Three-Step Waterfall—Upper, Middle and Lower step waterfalls)鈥擯yroclastic flow (Little Dragon Waterfall, Lingyan S.A)鈥擲trata resulted from 4 phases eruption (Guanying Peak near the Square Cave)鈥擫ava flow resulted from volcanic effusion (Golden Belt of Square Cave鈥擥lobular rhyolite (On the rock wall on side of trail leading to Big Dragon鈥擟jlumnar joints (Scissors Peak, Big Dragon Waterfall)鈥擟hangeable river bed (Nanxijiang River) 3 days

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