Local tourism products and other trades influenced


Development of tourism in Yandangshan Global Geopark has promoted the economic development both within the park and in surrounding area. Recently there are estimated 35 hotels, about 100 family lodges, possessing up to 13000 beds. Catering trade is also developed. As Mt. Yandangshan faces East Sea, People here enjoy traveling on mountain, while eating sea food. Yandangshan is famous also for its rich products: the fragrant fish from Shimen Pond, Yandang Tea, Officinal Dendrobium Stem (herb); and handcrafts including Ou embroider, box wood carving, tiny paper cut etc., and small commodity including cloths, shoes, cigarette lighter, glasses etc.; book and audio-video products—-鈥楽ightseeing Yandangshan鈥, 鈥楢lbum of Yandangshan鈥, 鈥業nscriptions carved on stone cliff鈥, 鈥楽tone Culture鈥, and VCD with landscapes. Besides, there is much seafood for retailing sale. Most villagers within the geopark are engaged in tourist industry.

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