The delegation from Mineral Resources Department of Thailand visits Yandangshan Geopark

Recently, accompanied by the director of Foreign Affairs Division of China Geological Survey —- Jiang Shijin, the director of Nanjing Geological Survey Center —-Shen Jialin and the employees of Yandang Geopark, the director-general of Mineral Resources Department of Thailand —- Mr. Adisak led his five colleagues to visit Lingfeng Peak, Lingyan Rock, Dalongqiu and other scenic areas in the Geopark and investigate the Yandangshan Geo-museum and its interpretation system.
These Thai guests said high praise of unique landscapes of the Geopark. What they saw was a pure and fresh Yandangshan due to shower in successive days.
It is reported that the delegation came here for the purpose of learning the experience concerning application for a global geopark designation from the Geopark in preparation for the application and construction of Thailand鈥檚 geoparks.

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